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With over 15 years in the business we have created a system of deficiency rectification, we have helped tower after tower correcting almost any problem. we have very skilled employees in each of our specialty trades: deficiency management, bathtub repair, cabinet restoration, glass scratch removal, stone repair, painting, finishing carpentry, framing, level 5 drywall, hardwood repair/replacement, concrete crack injection, cleaning service.

Hardwood Floors

Your Full-Service Wood Floor Specialists

It takes a specialist to showcase the natural beauty of hardwood flooring. For the last 10 years our experts have been doing just that; installing, refreshing, restoring, and maintaining hardwood floors. From small scratches to fire and flood damage , We can repair or replace any flooring product weather its a single board or and entire floorCall today for an estimate!

Painting & Drywall

Let us paint or drywall your space the professional way. We have the experience and it shows in our work

From basic painting to level 5 drywalling we can do it all. Let our professional team of painters make your walls look thier best. Whether you have settlement cracks , pop screws, unsightly drywall seams, unsanded drywall patches. No job is too big or too small.

Cabinetry & Millwork

Whether you need new cabinets or an improvement to existing cabinets

Skylines's team of highly-skilled professional craftsmen specializes in cabinet repair and restoration. Our business focuses on providing customized service with attention to detail. Cabinet refinishing is an option that many are still unaware of. The option of refinishing your existing doors and cabinets is a more affordable way to bring new life to your old Kitchen , From repairing a small scratch to changing the look of your whole kitchen we do it all at a fraction of the cost of new installation

Bathroom Refinishing

Let us make your bathroom look like new.

Using the latest Technology and the best materials, We can effectively save you 70-80% of the price of a new bathtub installation. Stained, chipped, cracked, burned and hard to clean surfaces are unsightly. These surfaces can create a negative impression to your guests and cos embarrassment. Skyline can dramatically transform the old finish in a matter of hours. A new Bathtub installation can cost $2500 - $3500 dollars, and take a week to complete. Skyline can reduce that cost to as little as $300.00 to $450.00 and $150.00 for a sink.

Glass Scratch Removal

It's easier & cheaper to fix it that replace it.

In the past, if window glass was scratched or defaced, replacement was your only option.Skyline Deficiency Solutions brings you a cost effective alternative. In 2008, while repairing deficiencies at the Shangri-La Vancouver, we were asked if we could help with glass that was already scratched Since that first success, we have spent 2 years refining our system which restores glass to as new finish. If you're involved in property maintenance ,insurance  or the construction industries , you may be paying thousands of dollars to replace damaged glass - or perhaps putting it off because of the cost.  Let Skyline provide the solution.

Stone Restoration

A chip in your otherwise perfect stone work can be unsightly.

There is probably no other architectural surface as impressive as stone.  It brings a sense of class, strength and beauty to any building….that is as long as it's properly maintained.  Two of the major benefits of stone are its ability to reflect light and its durability, especially when it's used on floors, walls and countertops.  However, over time problems can begin to appear.  That luster can wear off and that brand new look can become dull, worn, scratched, stained or dirty. Cracks can materialize if the stone is in an unstable environment.  Stone floors can develop scratches from the grit carried on your shoes acting like sand paper and water marks can appear from liquids containing acids which will greatly reduce the reflectivity of the surface.  Stone floors can even develop slippage and become unlevel where two stones meet causing a trip hazard.  We have some of the most experienced stone people in the industry, which is a good thing because stone is something that can be ruined very quickly by an inexperienced technician and can end up costing you much more to repair.

Stainless Steel

Scratched Stainless Steel is a specialty of ours. You'd be surprised at the damage we can repair

We pride our selves on being able to fix the unfixable, chips, scratches, dents and dings can usually be repaired in your stainless products. From elevator doors to stainless sinks counters and appliances we can fix it all.

Cleaning Services

Skyline offers many different cleaning packages.

Construction Clean:removal of debris, garbage, excess material and dust

Inspection Clean: The Area is Clean, dust free, wiped down, with no garbage left and does not look like a construction site. We have found that inspecting a clean area usually has a much better out come. Final Clean: The unit or area is left spotless, and looking brand new. Fit for a King Email for a free quote

Deficiency Management

Our Deficiency Management system is second to none.

We can track deficiencies, notify relevant trades and co-ordinate work that requires more than one trade. We have a team that can complete any " trade damage" that can occur on site. Whether it's year end work or a trade that refuses to get deficient work done on time. We can even walk through with a home owner to ensure that your home owners stay happy. Our system eliminates the stress that super intendants and managers can get when they are busy trying to get the job done. Our system was formed based on experience we gained while working for an extensive list of general contractors and developers. We have taken pages out of many different books and put together the fastest ,cheapest, most efficient way to keep every home owner happy. We have worked around the clock to get entire towers ready for occupancy inspections. We have repaired damages caused by flooding, or even small fires that can occur on site. Email us for a list of references from Supers, project managers and developers.

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